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Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro Badminton Racket Video Review

I began this analysis with the desire to ask two questions.

  • Has the model new Arcsaber 11 Pro carried out like an Arcsaber? Undoubtedly.
  • Is it an enhance on the distinctive Arcsaber 11? Definitely!

For me, this was considerably greater than the distinctive It feels stronger, is definitely faster, punchier, and extremely efficient, and the feel on the stringbed is so considerably higher, providing a tighter feel on the photographs.

The RRP on this racket is around £170, which is lower than the distinctive Arcsaber 11, which is around £175. No doubt the online retailers will decrease their prices, and I believe pricing may be nearer to £150 when there are sufficient shares on the market throughout the UK. That’s nonetheless considerably larger than the distinctive, although I take into account its value.

As I frolicked with the Arcsaber 11 Pro, I realised I had truly been having fun with it. Occasionally, I’d reach into my bag and use my beloved Astrox 100ZZ for a while as a comparability, earlier than grabbing Arcsaber 11 Pro as quickly as possible to proceed with my instructing or analysis.

In my opinion, Yonex has thought fastidiously about this racket and delivered an unlimited improvement to a most well-liked racket, which can be very tough to get right. This is definitely an arcsaber, and a very good, environmentally pleasant, extremely efficient, fast, sturdy arcsaber that many avid gamers will gravitate towards in the course of. Most avid gamers will keep in mind the distinctive Arcsaber range, and I’m certain using the determine as soon as extra will prove to be a stroke of genius.



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