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Vettel wished Mick Schumacher to exchange Alonso at Aston Martin

Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel have a very good relationship. There is no secret that they are getting higher with time. In fact, Vettel and Mikitsch’s father, Michael, were very close.

The German driver was perhaps the most welcoming when Mick joined Formula 1. Perhaps that’s why he wanted the teenager to make the leap to higher standards and replace Aston Martin.

Last Thursday, Vettel announced he was retiring to spend time with his family. So he suggested keeping his seat at Aston Martin vacant for a few days, with two female Schumachers to replace him. However, they were already worried

“My opinion,” Vettel advised Auto Motor & Sport.

I have a lot of faith in Mick. I’m not completely round because I’m so close to him. But I believe he’s an amazing driver and he’s a novice.

“He continues to study when others stop or stop making progress.” He has qualities, but he’s still too young. He doesn’t have much skill. ”

On the off chance that Schumacher doesn’t smile for the next 12 months, his options are greatly reduced by the current state of the grid and guaranteed seats.

Additionally, according to the above media, Aston Martin may be pushing Vettel to decide his future. Tobias Gruner, studying at Aston Martin University, had a plan in mind.

Alonso’s Aston Martin was finally sealed and revealed on Monday, in a huge shock to many in the F1 world.



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