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Masters officers instructed gamers to not be a part of LIV Golf, lawsuit alleges

Officials at Augusta National, which runs the Masters, reportedly tried to influence gamers not to be a part of LIV Golf.

It follows key points in an antitrust lawsuit filed against the PGA Tour on Wednesday involving Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau and nine other PGA Tour players in the controversial Saudi-backed league. The 105-page document, which also says Mickelson was suspended from the tour in March for trying to recruit players to LIV, says the tour requested Augusta National authorities for a participant in May. The Advisory Council, LIV had previously organized its own. First event.

Augusta National’s actions suggest that the PGA Tour used these channels to pressure Augusta National into its bid. In February, 2022, Augusta National representatives threatened removal. If gamers of The Masters join LIV Golf.

Officials were not present at the meeting, but they informed players present at the meeting that the Tour and Augusta National had agreed to work together to address LIV Golf, according to the plaintiffs.

It also claimed that Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley had personally ordered several Masters players not to play in this year’s LIV golf tournament.

The lawsuit also states that Ridley refused LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman’s request for a meeting.

Augusta National did not respond to a message seeking comment from The Post, although sources have already told The Post that it is expected that the membership, arguably the sport’s most influential body, will be part of the PGA Tour.

Golf’s other major championships – notably last month’s British Open and June’s US Open – have allowed LIV golfers to participate in their tournaments, despite widespread opposition to LIV.

The following month, USGA CEO Mike Wan said he was “struggling to see” how LIV’s matchup with the tour fit the game. And last month’s British Open at St Andrews, R&A chief Martin Slummers said LIV was “absolutely not among the best long-term interests in the sport and is purely cash-driven.”

Currently, six former Masters champions are competing for LIV Golf – Mickelson (three-time winner), Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed, Charles Schwartzel and Bubba Watson, a two-time inexperienced jacket winner, who made the switch in the final week. The most recent participant in the jump to LIV. It is unclear whether he will be banned from playing in the Masters next April.

Although Augusta National officials have yet to speak publicly since LIV Golf’s debut, Ridley’s response in April was starkly different from the response presented in the lawsuit.

There’s more participation, the purses on the efficient tour are the best they’ve ever been. We’re pretty clear in our belief that the World Tour has done an incredible job of selling the game over time.” Beyond that, we don’t learn much about what might or might not happen, I can’t say more than that.”



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