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Phil Mickelson and different LIV golf stars have challenged the PGA Tour ban

11 LIV Golf League gamers, including Phil Mickelson, who wants to play on the tour once again, are suing the PGA Tour for breach of trust. A positive resolution would still qualify many golfers as contenders for the FedEx Cup playoffs that will take place next week.

After leaving the PGA Tour for Life Golf in June, many of its golfers will qualify for the FedEx Cup Playoffs despite not competing in a PGA Tour event for 2 months, even though the PGA Tour has suspended them and eliminated them from the competition.

But, according to the Wall Street Journal, Mickelson’s suspension is much more than that. He was suspended by the tour in March after provocative comments about Saudi Arabia and the LIV Golf League in February.

The case also sheds new light on Mickelson’s status on the Tour, which has been buoyed by a controversial response to Saudi Arabia’s human rights document postponing the match earlier this year.

According to the lawsuit, Mickelson was fired from the PGA Tour in March for allegedly recruiting gamers to compete for LIV and denying his attractions.

The Tour rejected his reinstatement request in June mainly based on his participation in the first LIV event outside of London that month. admitted that he could not submit an application for reinstatement before March 2023; The ban was extended till March 2024 after the second LIV party joined.

Why have Mickelson and others been fired?

The PGA Tour allows consecutive gamers to play on one tour after another and sometimes gives gamers up to three waves to play on a second tour. Golf Channel is well aware that the language of its bylaws may be grounds for not being an initial LIV event.

Players who “trigger such a launch [tour] would violate a contractual commitment to a match sponsor, or otherwise significantly and disproportionately harm the tour and such sponsors,” consistent with the coverage, will not be exempt from playing.

High paying players, Life Golf is undoubtedly trying to ruin the PGA Tour. According to reports, Mickelson, DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson all bought 9 points.

Tiger Woods found out that I bought about a billion dollars but declined the offer to paste. In their case, LIV Golfers is certainly using this as evidence against the PGA Tour.

The PGA Tour is trying to fend off an upstart challenger by limiting or increasing LIV’s admission standards for gamers. The Wall Street Journal. According to LIV Golf, the PGA Tour has a monopoly on the golf market and is using that power in an effort to unseat an upstart challenger.

A downside is that golfers are trying to choose which PGA Tour opportunities they want to play without contributing to the PGA Tour’s week-to-week growth.

The lawsuit states that the resolution aims to “strike down the PGA Tour’s anti-competitive guidelines and practices that prevent these independent-contractor golfers from choosing when and where to putt.”

LIV golfers will argue that this is a fair contractor’s right, as they usually point out in lawsuits.

Oddly, the selections of Patrick Reed, Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson, who have left the LIV Golf League, have completely relinquished their membership and are not celebrated or eligible with the FedEx Cup Playoffs. They are also not involved in this matter.



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