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Andre Curbelo transferring to St. John’s a ‘blessing’ for Posh Alexander

Posh Alexander was genuinely shocked and largely guarded by St John’s recruiting level guard Andre Curbelo.

Alexander is not the level keeper of St. John’s? Do teaching staff want to go on a unique course? For the first time in his school life, Alexander was unsure of his place in his hometown program.

“This,” he told Alexander, “will only help you.”

A famous switch from St. John’s, Illinois wasn’t trying to exchange Alexander for Curbelo. Red storms were needed to increase and decrease the burden on Alexander. After letting go of the NBA’s leading scorer, Julian Champagne, they looked to add an impressive presence, no matter the venue.

I found that joining him was a wonderful half for the staff. It’s an honor [to play] with another level guard who can pretend others and evaluate for themselves.

Both gamers are in the same place, coming off a season that didn’t go according to their expectations. A setback curtailed the 6-foot-1 Curbelo’s progress, and his numbers dipped across the board in his final season. The 6-foot Alexander, the BIG EAST Freshman of the Year in 2021, averaged 13.8 points, 5.5 assists and 4.4 rebounds as a sophomore, but couldn’t live up to St. John’s expectations and impact the video game as much as he did in his first season at Queen’s.

Both get extra time to get used to each other this summer season. The fourth of 10 practices was allowed in St. John’s on Wednesday ahead of a visit to the Dominican Republic for four exhibition video games. Spending extra time off the ball than every player is used to can be an adjustment, so these extra drills and video games should be useful.

In my best team, we had two levels of guards and we had a leader who could also serve the purpose.”

The two tear guards know each other, although they have never been teammates before. Curbelo, a Puerto Rican native, played high school basketball at Long Island Lutheran. Alexander spent his preparatory years at Our Savior Lutheran in the Bronx. St. John’s believed the two, collectively, could carry the system to their first NCAA tournament appearance of the Anderson era.

“Two people with eyes in the back of their heads,” said a smiling Joel Soriano. They are very selfless. They look for others before looking for their own shot. ,

Alexander’s strong freshman season landed him here, where he was in the role of next-level guard Rasheem Dunn. There wasn’t another true level guard on the roster last year, and Alexander didn’t shoot nearly as effectively from 3-point range, going from 29.9 percent to 21.7 percent as a freshman. That staff finished fourth in the Big East and could have reached the match if not for several late-season hiccups.

“I’m a participant who can play on and off the ball, and I’m at my best when I’m a set-shooter,” Alexander said. I can catch the ball and shoot. I shoot the ball so high like this. It feels good to help a player like him. ,



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