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Billie Jean King Joins PHIT America to Help Improve Kids’ Health

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Washington, August 4, 2022—Billie Jean King is working to help children across the country improve their physical and mental health by implementing a new college physical exercise application using the Billie Jean King I Coach Brain Training System (BJK-BTS). PHIT has joined. United States. ,

This program can be proven to improve academic performance by helping children focus and perform higher tasks in the classroom.”

PHIT America is on a mission to empower fifty million children through its college program, AMPED. This stimulating technique program includes BJK-BTS, which develops focus and ball-striking ability. Children are motivated to learn essential basic physical skills that will help them with the skills to succeed in sports activities, especially tennis, throughout their lives. Tennis is particularly effective in selling social skills, sport and physical health to youth.

PHIT America’s AMPED program with BJK-BTS is part of a three-phase route, including PLAY TENNIS and USTA’s NET GENERATION, to develop alternative sports in community-based applications.

This strategy gives a pure connection to the supporter of the United States Tennis Association, PHIT America, as the group can be very concerned about the route. Craig Morris, Chief Executive of Community Tennis for the USTA, provided, “The USTA and PHIT share a common focus on creating energetic choices for youth across the country. Working together, we will help get kids moving, keeping them healthy.” And much more. And many of them will participate in a good game of tennis.”

We now have a perfect partnership, said Jim Baugh, founder of PHIT America “Billy has made a serious investment for our kids and faculty with his eye trainer brain training system, as well as an agreement with the USTA to allow more kids to participate in lifelong, healthy sports. Together, we’re building PHIT so that kids are healthier, smarter and Happy. We have already helped more than 1300 faculty and 740,000 children and now we will help tens of thousands of youth through this partnership.

The team is meeting with leading companies and organizations to increase their impact on helping America’s children. “We want others to step up,” King said. “Fifty million children need our help. We have the answers, and we will make a serious and immediate difference.”

Interested organizations, foundations or individuals should visit PHITAmerica.org or contact Jim Baugh at [email protected].



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