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Iranian hulk crashes close to Kazakh titan

The much-anticipated match between the Iranian Hulk and the Kazakh Titan ended much faster and differently than anyone expected. The fight between the two boxers first heated up on Twitter, where the Iranian Hulk painted an image of himself as a giant, highly imposing and intimidating “Hulk” character.

The two super-heavyweights were scheduled to compete in six two-minute rounds in Dubai and was the primary occasion for the Rogue N’ Bad showcase. What ensued was some of the worst boxing practices ever seen in the ring. The Hulk, who is actually identified as Sajjad Gharib, turns around for 30 seconds in the battle, seemingly avoiding every part. The match did not end in any of the six scheduled rounds.

Both fighters wore shirts, and the so-called Hulk was considered quite different from their social media presence.

Attendance, although a second timeout was called for, although frustration was overcome physically. After the Iranian Hulk was at ringside, a timeout was called for seconds. The Kazakh titan, identified as Zumanov Alamat Bakhtovich, drops the Iranian hulk with a proper hook and boom. End here. The war was over.



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